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10 Tips for Agents Selling New Construction

Posted by The Nashville Perspective on June 6, 2017
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10 Tips for Agents Selling New Construction

  1. Delays will happen. Period. whether you’re coming in on the front end of a project or coming in after its complete, there’s so many different hands that play a role in making the home come to life, it’s normal for all kinds of delays to happen. Expect the worst, plan for the best.
  2. Be in charge of the punch-list walkthrough! Don’t expect your client to find all of the imperfections. Be very detailed because you won’t be able to protect your client after they walk in. This is your time to show what you know and shine.
  3. Get a home inspection. Every time. there’s no such thing as a perfect home even the top notch builders in town make mistakes. having a second pair of eyes will help protect your client and insure the integrity of the home.
  4. Get a copy of the warranty and know the general details of what the builder covers and what they don’t so that you can educate your buyer.
  5. Write EVERYTHING down. Take detailed notes because sometimes a superintendent or builder might be at the house and say one thing and you want to keep them accountable because its important to your client. two weeks later when that thing isn’t done you want proof that he promised that/said. it.
  6. Always  write up the contract using new construction purchase and sell agreement (even if the house is finished). There are many details in new purchasing agreement so they are more relevant than using a standard purchase and sell agreement.
  7. Insure that your client understands the warranty process for after they move in. natural wear and tear is normal and you don’t want to be the person they call when their toilet starts overflowing. They need a point of contact.
  8. Make sure the buyer has copies of any additional warranties: roof, HVAC system, appliances, electrical, plumbing. All of those items should have warranties lasting longer than the 1year the builder gives. contact info for who did the work and copies of the warranties themselves.
  9. Set expectations. If purchasing from the beginning of the // when purchasing before the house is built, make sure all expectations are set from the get-go. (are blinds included? what are the specs for the tankless hot water heater? is the house energy efficient? do you provide window screens? what’s included in the landscaping packages? are there any upgrades I can make to customize my house?)
  10. Communciation is key. period. when the home is being built, clients already feel emotionally involved, and providing bi-weekly updates/sending them progress photos will keep them happy throughout the process because they will know everything that is going on, even if it’s small.

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